Inaugural 360 Hoops Invitational Tips Off At DME Sports Academy In Daytona Beach, FL. Through Saturday

Unique Three-Basket, Circular Court A Hit With Kids, Adults; 3-On-3 Action; Elementary School Age Up To Elite Men, Women Competing; Event Filmed For Streaming, National Broadcast “The 360 Hoops program lets more kids have more fun with basketball at a younger age. The 360 Hoops Invitational will help us spread the word of how this [...]

Overtraining can lead to Injuries

It was the broken bone heard around the world. We remember it like it was yesterday. It was March 31, 2013 in the first half of the NCAA tournament.  Louisville player Kevin Ware was in the air one minute, and the next, he was on the floor with his jagged tibia poking out of his […]

Top 5 Influential Women in Basketball

In celebration of National Women’s Day, we’ve paused our daily activity to take a look at the most influential and inspirational women in basketball. Women have been balling almost as long as men, and their accomplishments are astounding. The list of women we could include on this list is long, but we’ve narrowed it down. […]

Fighting Childhood Obesity

If you’re a Gen X’er or older, you probably remember this scenario: You’d come home from school, change out of your school clothes into “play” clothes, grab a quick PB&J, and then your mom would tell you to go outside, and not to come back in until the streetlights came on. Sound familiar? Times have […]

Basketball Tips!

Here at 360 Hoops, we are, at our core, basketball players and coaches. We live and breathe the game, and love to help others play. We have coaches in our company who have elite experience, training top college and NBA players, and here is what they have to say as far as helpful training tips. […]

Assembling Our 360 Hoops

Assembling our 360 Hoops has never been easier! One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is, “Is it hard to assemble a 360 Hoop?” The quick answer is absolutely not. Our adjustable hoop assembles in just a sequence of quick steps.  The only tools you need are:  a ratchet, 9/16” driver and a […]

Middle Schoolers Love Playing 360 Hoops in Gym Class!

Middle Schoolers at EA Cox Middle School in Maury County, Tennessee: “If I had 360 Hoops in my class, I’d enjoy gym.” Here at 360 Hoops, one of key goals is to make fitness FUN for students. Knowing the dangerous side-effects of childhood obesity, we are committed to doing our part in eradicating it– by […]

What Teachers say about Adding 360 Hoops to their Curriculums

360 Hoops showed up for the Pinellas County teachers during February 2020 at their inservice day. Teachers were able to play on our Hoops… and had nothing but great things to say about adding 360 Hoops to their PE curriculums. “This game is awesome, guys.” “You’re going to get a FULL workout.” “It’ll be really […]

Why 360 Hoops Benefits Young Players by Coach John Mahoney

In almost every sport, there are modified youth programs to help the younger players play. Soccer starts out with 4 v 4 on a smaller field and works their way up to 11 v 11. Baseball starts their young players with T-ball which enables more balls to be put into play while Hockey uses cross-ice […]