360 Hoops Impresses In Denver Athletics Conference


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The 360 Hoops booth was the place to be on December 11-12 at the National Athletic Directors Conference & Exhibit Show, drawing crowds from among the more than 2000 athletics administrators on hand.

In addition to getting a first-hand look at our unique three-basket hoop which is changing the shape of the game, they had the opportunity to see the game in action, as members of the Columbine High School boys and girls basketball teams gave it a whirl, providing a demonstration of how 360 Hoops can get increase involvement, fitness and, most of all, fun.

Some of the great feedback we received from attendees is that 360 Hoops has a great capacity opportunity, it’s wonderful for camps and fundraising and can serve as a big youth engagement tool for both during and after school.

It’s the latest in a series of events that 360 Hoops has helped get the unit and game in the minds of basketball people everywhere.

See our Instagram for some great video of 360 Hoops coming to life in Denver.