360 Hoops Offensive Advantages

360 Hoops offers an innovative way to develop offensive basketball skills. After witnessing the fast-paced and continuous movement around three hoops by all players on the court, one can immediately recognize how much 360Hoops helps develop important basketball fundamentals such as cutting, screening, spacing, moving without the ball, quick reactions, passing, driving, layups, and overall […]

Development Advantages of 360 Hoops vs the Traditional Basketball Game

Many people will soon learn the developmental advantages 360 Hoops has vs the traditional game of basketball. 360 Hoops is 3 on 3 basketball game played with 3 baskets inside a 30foot radius circle.

A Historical Innovation

  Basketball was first invented by Dr. James Naismith (pictured above) in Springfield, Massachusetts during a cold winter in 1891.Many know the story of Dr. Naismith attaching peach baskets to the end of each gymnasium. He later wrote out the “13 Rules of Basketball” and the rest is history. In those early years of the […]