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Take Your Game to the Next Level.

Innovative Skill Development

Combining 3 backboards allows for further skill development than ever before. Increase your ability to coach defense and communication skills on the court. Spacing problems become a thing of the past when training with the 360 Hoop.

Dynamic 3-on-3 Competition

360 Hoops is the modern advancement of 3 on 3 basketball, fast-paced and a great workout for your athletes. With every hoop in play basketball training can get back to the basics. Our game has a deep focus on the fundamentals including: speed, communication, defense, passing, shot selection, and spacing. Take your program to the next level with 360 Hoops.

Increased Capacity

Don’t have enough hoops to have players 1 through 12 practice? A 360 Hoop is your solution. You can now have 4 players on each side of a 360 Hoop doing layup lines, shooting, and rebounding. Develop every one of your players with more reps than ever before. More baskets, more opportunity, more reps.

“The off the ball movement and ability to maximize shooting reps in a short window that the 360 Hoop encourages make it a great way to work on your stroke. If I had eight guys getting paired shooting going at all three buckets, that’s a great way to let a lot of guys get that feel at once.”

Mike Brey, Head Coach of Notre Dame Basketball