360 Hoops FAQs

1. What is 360 Hoops ?

360 hoops is the patented three-on-three version of basketball which features a patented circular court and three connected baskets and backboards attached to one pole. Players can score for their teams in any of the three baskets.

2. Who can play 360 Hoops ?

Anyone. The adjustable height makes the 360 Hoops system work for any age and ability levels. It’s ideal for schools, teams, resorts, community centers, HOAs and parks & recreation departments.

3. How much does the basket weigh ?

934 lbs. fully assembled

4. How do you adjust the height of the basket ?

Hydraulic foot pump on base allows you to pump up and down from 4.5 feet to 10 Feet

5. Is the basket on wheels ?

Yes, it features three non-marring casters (will not mark floors up) with locks.

6. Can one person move and operate the basket ?

Yes, one person can easily move the basket and adjust the height.

7. Is the basket weather protected, how will it hold up outside ?

Yes, the basket e-coated to provide protection against rust.

8. Can the basket fit through a standard doorway ?

Yes, the top of the basket is 78.5″ at its lowest height and can fit under any standard 80″ double doorway.

9. Do the rims come off ?

Yes, each rim easily slides off without tools to easily transport and store.

10. How much assembly does the basket take ?

Minimal assembly as the basket comes assembled via a POD and only need to slide rims and pads on to play. RLPP (Roll, Lock Pump, Play)

11. What are some advantages of 360 Hoops over traditional basketball ?

We LOVE basketball, and we think the 360 Hoops version is even better. From more involvement for every player, more movement and maximum use of space, 360 Hoops is changing the shape of the game.

12. Where can I see 360 Hoops in action ?

Check out our YouTube page for some great videos of competitors of all levels playing 360 Hoops, as well as testimonials, training guides and more.

13. How do I contact 360 Hoops ?

Want to learn more? Reach us at our Contact Us page or call us at 407-863-4360