A Historical Innovation

  Basketball was first invented by Dr. James Naismith (pictured above) in Springfield, Massachusetts during a cold winter in 1891.Many know the story of Dr. Naismith attaching peach baskets to the end of each gymnasium. He later wrote out the “13 Rules of Basketball” and the rest is history. In those early years of the […]

NYC 21 Game

There is a game that has been played throughout the US with various names – New York City 21, rough house, cutthroat, hustle, and various other names.The game has an unspecified and unlimited number of players and can be played on a single 360 Hoop. Players utilize all three baskets to score giving more variations […]

NFHS AD National Convention

Athletic Directors and school administrators from all over the US were excited to see our product at the NFHS AD National Convention.