4 Ways 360 Hoops Can Enhance Your PE Classroom

Superintendents, Principals, and PE Teachers all over North America are loving how 360 Hoops provides solutions for their biggest challenges! Schools all over North America are excited about 360 Hoops and it’s not just because it is an innovative addition to the game of basketball. Here are 4 things schools need to know about how […]

Generating Revenue with 360 Hoops!

So, you have spent some time researching the benefits a 360 Hoop offers to your organization. The information you’ve gathered has shown how a 360 Hoop can help you better engage, nurture, and develop athletes of all ages. What you may not know, is that the addition of our hoop also offers an opportunity to […]

Why Youth Athletic Program’s Love 360 Hoops!

Every athlete, regardless of skill level, now has an equal opportunity to participate both on the competitive level and during the drills training. In June, we had the opportunity to showcase our 360 Hoop to the Sanford Boys & Girls Club. There were over 100 kids in attendance and we were able to take kids […]

Raise Funds for Your 360 Hoop!

At 360 Hoops, we understand the need for additional payment options which is why we are partnering with you to fundraise for your hoop… Schools and organizations all over the country have begun their conversations with 360 Hoops about purchasing our versatile portable hoop system. However, we understand that not every organization has the flexibility […]

Fundraising Tournament

Raising money is often one of the hardest things for an organization to do. It can often take a lot of planning and months of campaigning, often generating less than ideal results. However, what if we told you that you could raise $10,000 in under 6 hours?! With a 360 Hoops tournament you can do […]

3v3 King of the Court Gameplay

“The best part of it all is that these athletes are having fun!” Whether you are looking for an intense cardiovascular workout or a new way to teach defense, passing the ball effectively, communication, and moving without the ball our competitive gameplay will help. Here is how our gameplay works: 3v3v3 “King/Queen of the Court” […]

Orlando Boom Plays 360 Hoops

Could coaches soon replace the dreaded “suicides” with 360 Hoops gameplay? 360 Hoops has showcased to many different schools, teams, coaches, and players across the country. Last week, however, we had the opportunity to showcase our product to a semi-professional women’s basketball team in Orlando, FL. The Orlando Boom players didn’t know what to expect […]

The Game Everybody Wins: 360 Hoops for Basketball Training

As a school administrator or district procurement professional, you do what you can with what you have. That includes budget and space limitations. Youth development embraces technology, but it also includes getting them away from electronics and offline. Helping kids maintain better health through movement – physical activity – is tough in some school districts. […]

The Five Attributes Every Player Needs On And Off The Court

Young basketball players can learn a lot from the way the pros work–and the lessons last longer than the length of a game. Kids see Steph Curry hitting every shot, Kawhi Leonard defending like a champion and Andre Drummond grabbing every rebound and think that it all just happens. In reality, the best players (and […]