Head Coach of Notre Dame Basketball, Mike Brey on 360 Hoops

With more than 500 victories in his head coaching career, University of Notre Dame basketball coach Mike Brey knows something about how to develop and motivate players to get the most out of their abilities.   In 360 Hoops, Brey sees a tool that can benefit players from the youth level all the way up […]

How 360 Hoops Makes Basketball Training Better

In elementary school, just getting your kids out on the court is often enough to get them excited. In middle school and especially high school, though, basketball training gets more intense. When your goal is to help a youth team achieve its peak potential, you need to go beyond PE fundamentals. Helping kids develop the […]

Feedback From Groups, Players Helps 360 Hoops Perfect Product

Feedback From Groups, Players Helps 360 Hoops Perfect Product From high schools to conventions to games at all skill levels, 360 Hoops has traveled the country over the past two years, showing off its unique take on the sport of basketball. Along the way, we’ve learned a thing or two from just about everyone about […]

Basketball Tips!

Here at 360 Hoops, we are players and coaches who live and breathe the game, and love to help others play. We have coaches in our company who have elite experience, training top college and NBA players, and here are a few training tips that apply to all levels. 1. Locate the rim earlier.When you […]

Middle Schoolers Love Playing 360 Hoops in Gym Class!

Middle Schoolers at EA Cox Middle School in Maury County, Tennessee: “If I had 360 Hoops in my class, I’d enjoy gym.” Here at 360 Hoops, one of our key goals is to make fitness FUN for students. Knowing the dangerous side-effects of childhood obesity, we are committed to doing our part in eradicating it—by […]

It Takes a Village (Fire vs. Police)

Being a positive influence on kids is a team effort! Here at 360 Hoops, we know that basketball can be a positive, life-changing sport.  It give players a chance to channel energy into a game that takes them outside of their daily worries, and to build strength, wellness and skill at the same time.  It’s […]

Teachers LOVE 360!

“The kids are going to eat that up all day, every day” Teachers in Maury County, Tennessee had the opportunity to view occulus footage of 360 Hoops, and they were blown away! One PE teacher said: “It’s going to give everyone a chance to get involved at the same time, as opposed to the traditional […]

Why 360 Hoops Benefits Young Players by Coach John Mahoney

In almost every sport, there are modified youth programs to help the younger players play. Soccer starts out with 4 v 4 on a smaller field and works their way up to 11 v 11. Baseball starts their young players with T-ball which enables more balls to be put into play while Hockey uses cross-ice […]

SSC Students vs. Sherriffs Tournament to Incorporate 360 Hoops!

“The speed of the game is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.” – Geoff Nelson 360 Hoops continues to amaze school programs all across the country. On March 14th, Seminole State College will be hosting a Students versus Sheriffs basketball tournament utilizing our innovative 360 Hoops! This annual event features teams of students playing against […]