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Choose between an in-ground or portable 360 Hoop to engage the people of your community. Limited on Space? Not to worry. A 360 Hoop transforms small spaces into a fully functional basketball court that will be sure to have everyone eager to play basketball!

Engage Your Community!

While one 360 Hoop can help maximize space at a park, we have found great benefit in the investment of multiple hoops. See how 360 Hoops can help to engage your entire community below!

Engage your community.
Enhance your programs.
Partner with 360 Hoops!

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“You can play with your best friends from the neighborhood even if they aren’t great athletes.”

– Jedon


We have found that kids, coaches, and athletes everywhere are excited about 360 Hoops. Whether you seek to maximize your space, create a fun environment for local kids, or assist your community with exciting new clinics and activities, 360 Hoops will be sure to make a positive impact in your park!

Generating Revenue with 360 Hoops!

So, you have spent some time researching the benefits a 360 Hoop offers to your organization. The information you’ve gathered has shown how a 360 Hoop can help you better engage, nurture, and develop athletes of all ages. What you may not know, is that the addition of our hoop also offers an opportunity to […]

Ronalds 360 Hoops Experience

“Gameplay on a 360 Hoop has improved my dribbling, passing, and basketball IQ greatly.”

Jedons 360 Hoops Experience

“I think 360 Hoops can make people love basketball more because it makes it more fun for them.”

Location Rotation Video

360 Hoops portable unit allows for you to easily move your hoop to almost any location.