What We Make

We offer a Versatile Basketball Solution and are the proprietary innovator of the 3 backboard design. This enables a unique approach to 3on3 play and skill development. Combining 3 backboards has opened the door to a more effective training approach for everyone. More baskets. More opportunities. More fun.

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Who We Are

We are a group of passionate, lovers of the game. We wanted to see more players able and wanting to participate. Our goal is to energize the game by bringing something new and innovative. Players of all ability levels should love to play and benefit from the game of basketball.

“Upon completing a five-week study on the effects of 360 hoops on Caloric Cost and C-vascular development we have found the benefits to be exceptional. Both groups tested showed excellent results as well as improved flexibility, balance and power output.”

Kate Decker, Founder, Institute of Athletic Movement