Who We Are

We are a group of passionate, lovers of the game. We wanted to see more players able and wanting to participate. Our goal is to bring something new and innovative that players of all ability levels would love to play and could benefit from.

What We Do

Energize the Game. 360 Hoops is the most innovative addition to basketball in decades! Our versatile design engages more athletes in a smaller space, gives a more intense cardiovascular workout, and nurtures essential skills for success on and off the court. Whether you have limited space, need more hoops, or are looking for an exciting new edition to your program, 360 Hoops will be a great benefit.

What We Make

Versatile Basketball Solution. We are the proprietary innovator of the 3 backboard design. Enabling a unique approach to 3 on 3 play and skill development. Combining 3 backboards has opened the door to a more effective training approach for everyone. More baskets, more opportunity, more fun.

Engagement Versatility Athleticism Basketball Fundamentals Love for Health & Fitness Communication Teamwork

“I think the future for 360 Hoops is very bright. It’s really unlimited and to be able to bring something fresh, something new to not only this community, but to the world.”

Ontavious McCullough, Orlando Boom Owner