Athletic Facilities

360 Hoops is a new and exciting way to receive an intense cardiovascular workout. Learn how our hoop can enhance your Athletic Facilities while generating additional revenue through leagues and tournaments!

Take Your Programs To The Next Level!

Take your programs and coaching to the next level with the addition of 360 Hoops! Our portable option gives you the versatility to incorporate more hoops into your facility that can be used for athletes of all ages. Host tournaments, start a new program, engage more people, or give your current basketball program a new and exciting tool for coaching and training.

Engage your youth
Enhance your programs
Partner with 360 Hoops!

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“It’s an adrenaline rush and once you start playing, you won’t want to stop!”

– Coach Caleb

Health & Fitness

360 Hoops offers you a new and exciting way to promote health & fitness! The ability to run over 30 people in a drill on a single 360 Hoop is unprecedented and you can utilize this for coaching or basketball group classes. Our 3v3 games are faster paced and gametime is quicker than traditional basketball giving your Athletic Facilities the ability to get more athletes on the court in less time. Regardless of athlete age, thanks to our easy adjustability from 7’-10’, a 360 Hoop allows you to maximize space while offering a more intense cardiovascular workout.