360 Hoops is changing the shape of physical education. Our innovative educational tool provides an inclusive environment for engaging more students, developing health and wellness, and nurturing character for student success. In addition, teachers have the ability to safely monitor and evaluate their entire class within a small 30’ circle. Scroll to learn how you can become part of the change!


A 360 Hoop provides a fun and innovative way to engage young students in a small space.


Our 360 Hoops Curriculum Framework give teachers a fun educational too to challenge and engage more than 35 students on a single hoop!


360 Hoops provides an inclusive environment for students of all skill levels to get involved and be excited to attend their PE Classes.


Building Community with 360 Hoops

We always have a solution and punishment for a bully but we never deal with the reciprocity of the person being bullied and how they feel. 360 Hoops provides an inclusive environment to ensure every student in the classroom, regardless of skill level or athletic ability, has the opportunity to participate and have fun. We thoughtfully developed a curriculum framework to give teachers the building blocks for co-creating a variety of activities that will purposefully break down skill barriers and build community in their classrooms.

Engage more students.
Develop health & wellness.
Nurture character.

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It's got a lot of versatility in how you can use it , for camps, free throw shooting in practice, and many other ways. But overall it's fun and kids enjoy playing on it.

Joe Wootten

Athletic Director and Head Basketball Coach

Bishop O'Connell Catholic School

Middle Schoolers Love Playing 360 Hoops in Gym Class!

Middle Schoolers at EA Cox Middle School in Maury County, Tennessee: “If I had 360 Hoops in my class, I’d enjoy gym.” Here at 360 Hoops, one of key goals is to make fitness FUN for students. Knowing the dangerous side-effects of childhood obesity, we are committed to doing our part in eradicating it– by […]

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