360 Hoops Launches Comprehensive Physical Education Curriculum


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In the latest way that it is changing the shape of the game of basketball, 360 Hoops has developed a comprehensive Physical Education Curriculum to benefit students utilizing the patented three-on-three version of basketball which features a circular court and three baskets and backboards, all in play on every possession. Available as part of packages included with purchases of 360 Hoops systems, the 360 Hoops P.E. Curriculum engages more participants in a smaller space, gives a more intense cardiovascular workout, and nurtures essential skills for success on and off the court.

The basic curriculum, customizable to students of various ages and skill levels, has been developed by veteran physical education instructors and administrators to maximize the benefits of the unique basketball system that makes optimal use of space and gets more students moving.

“At 360 Hoops we are dedicated to the development of every student in your school,” said Shane Brey, inventor of 360 Hoops. “Our curriculum framework is meant to act as the building block to the co-creation of a fun, engaging and nurturing classroom environment.”

The three tentpoles of the 360 Hoops Physical Education Curriculum are Fun 360, Play 360 and Team 360, designed to enhance the physical, cognitive and social aspects of phys ed. The Curriculum outlines specific plans within each of these areas, noting the benefits and goals of each, with session-by-session schedules to help teachers help students get the most out of the experience.

The Curriculum includes detailed lesson plans, explanations of each session and the benefits thereof, and numerous games and drills that enhance and test the skills learned. Dedicated 360 Hoops representatives get teachers started.

Interested teachers and administrators can contact a 360 Hoops representative at www.play360hoops.com.