Basketball Tips!

Here at 360 Hoops, we are, at our core, basketball players and coaches. We live and breathe the game, and love to help others play. We have coaches in our company who have elite experience, training top college and NBA players, and here is what they have to say as far as helpful training tips. […]

Middle Schoolers Love Playing 360 Hoops in Gym Class!

Middle Schoolers at EA Cox Middle School in Maury County, Tennessee: “If I had 360 Hoops in my class, I’d enjoy gym.” Here at 360 Hoops, one of key goals is to make fitness FUN for students. Knowing the dangerous side-effects of childhood obesity, we are committed to doing our part in eradicating it– by […]

What Teachers say about Adding 360 Hoops to their Curriculums

360 Hoops showed up for the Pinellas County teachers during February 2020 at their inservice day. Teachers were able to play on our Hoops… and had nothing but great things to say about adding 360 Hoops to their PE curriculums. “This game is awesome, guys.” “You’re going to get a FULL workout.” “It’ll be really […]

It Takes a Village (Fire vs. Police)

Being a positive influence on kids is a team effort! Here at 360 Hoops, we know that basketball can be a positive, life-changing sport.  It give players a chance to channel energy into a game that takes them outside of their daily worries, and to build strength, wellness and skill at the same time.  It’s […]

Try 360 Hoops in your School at NO cost to you!

Try one of our innovative hoops in your school for free! Here at 360 Hoops, we’ve been blown away by the reaction to our 360 Hoops in schools. PE teachers, Coaches, Principals, Superintendents… whenever school staff has taken a look at our Hoop, magic happens! They quickly identify the value that our Hoops bring into the […]