The 360 Hoop

Product Details

  Mobile In-Ground
Estimated Shipping Weight 960 lbs 375 lbs
Base Materials Steel Steel
Backboard Material Polycarbonate Polycarbonate
Pole Sizes 5 1/2″ Inner, 6″ Outer 5 1/2″
Rim Type Breakaway Fixed
Rim Height 4.5′ to 10′ with Hydraulics  10′
Overall Height 6′ 6″ (Lowered) 12′-3/4″ (Raised) 12′-3/4″

Backboard Size

48″ x 32″ 48″ x 32″
Padded Base Size 59″ Diameter x 14 1/4″ Height
Total Stored Size 59″ (D) x 9′-3/4″ (H)

Why 360 Hoops?


Use 360 Hoops for 3on3 (or even 3on3on3!) games, set up shooting stations in 1/3 the space, for players of all ability levels.

Unlimited Basketball Content

Get content every month with new drills, videos, and ways to bring excitement to your program.

Frictionless Set-Up

Indoors or outdoors, easily stored and moved, the 360 Hoop is ready for any space.

Learn More

We welcome you to take the time to learn more about our innovative product and our exciting journey on this website and our YouTube page. If you want to stay in the 360 Hoops loop, please let us know. We can’t wait to become a part of your journey!