Development Advantages of 360 Hoops vs the Traditional Basketball Game


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Many people will soon learn the developmental advantages 360 Hoops has vs the traditional game of basketball. 360 Hoops is 3 on 3 basketball game played with 3 baskets inside a 30foot radius circle. Each offensive team is given a chance to shoot and score at any of the 3 baskets in the circle.


The Offensive advantages that this game has over traditional basketball is the fast paced constant movement around the 3 hoops which helps develop players cutting screening, spacing, moving without the ball, passing and creativity.


The Defense advantages of this game is that there is no weekside to rest and defenders must constantly move around the 3 hoops and communicate and help out with mis matches and attempted shots as well as rebounding the ball.


This is a very face paced game in a small area and develops endurance and has little down time like traditional basketball with teams casually dribbling the ball down a court, foul shots, time-outs and player substitutions. Players that hustle in this game are rewarded.


This game is great teaching tool to engage more players allowing more baskets for drills and allows players to work on their dribbling, passing, shooting, cutting and defense. The 360 Hoop basket can be lowered to accommodate younger children learning the game.


Because of the small space this game is played in, schools, recreation departments, and outside venues with limited space can utilize this to engage more players. This game can also be integrated to many basketball facilities in which it adds more baskets for skill development and play.