360 Hoops Offensive Advantages


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360 Hoops offers an innovative way to develop offensive basketball skills.

After witnessing the fast-paced and continuous movement around three hoops by all players on the court, one can immediately recognize how much 360Hoops helps develop important basketball fundamentals such as cutting, screening, spacing, moving without the ball, quick reactions, passing, driving, layups, and overall creativity more than is possible on a single basketball hoop.

Comparing the pace of the game while playing on a 360Hoops to that of traditional basketball is immediately apparent to anyone seeing it in action for the first time. Players are quickly changing directions and cutting plus finding new and creative passing lanes along with new passing angles because of the circular court and three baskets. Players quickly adjust to the new opportunities presented to them playing 360 Hoops and develop “attacking the basket” skills and the chance to finish at the rim with baskets to score on.

Coaches strive to teach these fundamental basketball skills, most of which are offensive skills done without the ball, and the faster pace of 360 Hoops requires players to execute these actions or they will immediately be exposed. Learn more about how 360 Hoops can help develop players of all ages by CLICKING HERE.