Teachers LOVE 360!


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“The kids are going to eat that up all day, every day”

Teachers in Maury County, Tennessee had the opportunity to view occulus footage of 360 Hoops, and they were blown away! One PE teacher said: “It’s going to give everyone a chance to get involved at the same time, as opposed to the traditional two hoops.” According to another: “They’re going to absolutely love it!” Something else we heard quite a bit was: “No kid can ever really stop. They’ve got to keep moving and moving and moving, and it keeps their heart-rates going and going and going!” It’s true- our innovative 360 Hoops stimulates constant motion!

Coach Chauncy Walker was blown away. “I think every every program, every school in America, every recreation center could benefit from this!”

Teachers from states across the nation agree that 360 Hoops is a benefit to schools and recreation programs alike!

Our amazing Coach Shane Brey has some great tips to enhance your PE experience here.