4 Ways 360 Hoops Can Enhance Your PE Classroom


2 minute read

Superintendents, Principals, and PE Teachers all over North America are loving how 360 Hoops provides solutions for their biggest challenges! Schools all over North America are excited about 360 Hoops and it’s not just because it is an innovative addition to the game of basketball.

Here are 4 things schools need to know about how the addition of 360 Hoops can greatly enhance a Physical Education classroom.

1.Character Development

We understand that character development is one of the most important things to teach our youth. This is why 360 Hoops has partnered with a number of educators to develop a Curriculum Framework that gives schools the building blocks to co-creating an environment that teaches students valuable character skills such as leadership, communication, and teamwork.

2.Student Engagement

360 Hoops was designed to give teachers the ability to host large classes and ensure every student is active and participating. Taking a quick glance through our testimonials page gives a testament to how much fun students are having with our educational tool. At any given time, a teacher can utilize drills from our Curriculum Framework that often engage more than 60+ students at a single time. This means, less standing around and more learning can take place!

3.Combating Bullying

Coach Brey’s inspiration for 360 Hoops was centered on the fact that kids within his camps were not being engaged within traditional basketball drills and classroom activities. He designed this innovative educational tool to create a solution to this challenge and we have discovered that our inclusive activities help to break down skill-barriers that often create separation among students and lead to bullying! Take a look at Coach Brey’s Inspiration Behind 360 Hoops video below!

4. Safety

Safety is one of the primary concerns for schools and parents alike. This is why we have gone to great lengths to vet our manufacturer and ensure our product ensures the safety of your teachers and students. A variety of tests have been conducted on our portable 360 Hoop and we have modified our product to include safety pads and a weighted system so that every school can have peace of mind when utilizing a 360 Hoop.

To learn more about how partnering with 360 Hoops can enhance your PE classroom of if you have any additional questions regarding our innovative educational tool or curriculum, please don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our schools page.