Generating Revenue with 360 Hoops!


2 minute read

So, you have spent some time researching the benefits a 360 Hoop offers to your organization. The information you’ve gathered has shown how a 360 Hoop can help you better engage, nurture, and develop athletes of all ages. What you may not know, is that the addition of our hoop also offers an opportunity to expand and increase your revenue streams. Here are 3 ways 360 Hoops can help you generate more revenue for your organization:

1. Increase Existing Program Participation

Like many organizations across the nation, you may be seeing a decline in participation for your existing programs. As a parent, you probably notice that many youth programs have been running the same programs for decades. With these programs come a variety of different challenges and we now live in a world where parents are doing all their research prior to choosing a program for their child to be a part of.

With all of the competition in your industry, 360 Hoops strives to provide your consumer base with an added value. Our hoops allow you to run existing programs designed to engage every child, regardless of their skill level. This means you can now increase enrollment in your current programs while also ensuring every student has an equal opportunity to participate. In addition, incorporating 360 Hoops into your existing programs provide a safer way to monitor every child in a small 30 foot circle. This gives your programs the added value they need to rise above the competition and ensure growth in your current program revenues.

2. Creating New Programs

If you walk into a PE Class, summer camp, or youth sports program you often see the “same old stuff.” Don’t you think it is time for a change?! We definitely think so and that is one of the inspirations behind 360 Hoops!

360 Hoops provides an exciting new game that was designed to actively engage, develop, and nurture every age group within your organization; not to mention it provides an intense cardiovascular workout. Using 360 Hoops to begin new sports programs, conditioning classes, or team building activities is sure to generate excitement within your organization and increase your revenue!

3. Hosting Tournaments

Parents are less than enthusiastic about the amount of time they spend at athletic tournaments these days. Parents are spending entire weekends just to see their children play in a couple of games.

Our “King of the Court” gameplay can allow you to host 50-100 teams, guaranteeing 2-3 games per team, in just a matter of hours. This results in more revenue for your organization, less time spent coordinating the event, and less frustration from parents.

To learn more about how 360 Hoops can benefit your organization, please contact us today!