The Five Attributes Every Player Needs On And Off The Court


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Young basketball players can learn a lot from the way the pros work–and the lessons last longer than the length of a game.

Kids see Steph Curry hitting every shot, Kawhi Leonard defending like a champion and Andre Drummond grabbing every rebound and think that it all just happens. In reality, the best players (and people) all share five important attributes that make them great at what they do.

Highlight reels might make NBA players heroes, but what aspiring athletes really need to know and appreciate about the professionals is that the effort they’ve put into their training makes them better players on the court and better people off it.

Here’s a look at five attributes all great players possess, how players can develop them, and how they can help young players in games and in life.

1. Consistency

Steph Curry wasn’t born the best shooter in the world. His skill developed over the years thanks to an unwavering commitment to training–and his workouts are the stuff of legend.
The more he trained (the more consistent he was about showing up and shooting every day) the better he became (and the consistency of his shooting improved).

Young people need to know that this is a lesson that applies to achieving success in both basketball and life.

2. Preparation

It has been said that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is especially true in basketball (and in life), which is why the best players possess a seemingly innate awareness of what is about to happen next–and then use it to their advantage.

But it’s not innate. It was developed through practice and study. The best are always prepared.

3. Effort

NBA players make it look easy on game day, when the arenas are full and the cameras are on. But what kids don’t see (unless they’re looking closely) is the level of effort players put into every play and into their basketball training. Not every player is going to have Lebron’s athletic ability, but every player can work as hard as he does.

In life and basketball, effort always pays off.

4. Selflessness

Scoring makes highlights, but the real glory (in basketball and in life) comes from helping others succeed.

Steph Curry can shoot from almost anywhere on the court, but he’s always willing to make the extra pass. Michael Jordan was arguably one of the greatest scorers in the history of the game, and he was also arguably one of the best defenders.

Both are selfless. Both are champions.

5. Passion

Few dreams are ever achieved without passion.

Passion is why players practice. Passion is what drives them to take every opportunity to play. Passion is what gets players through the most rigorous and mundane basketball training sessions.

Having passion is what allows players (and people in general) to achieve their big dreams.

Help Kids Develop On And Off The Court

A few kids will naturally possess some of these attributes. Some will develop them on their own. Most will need nudging, an opportunity to practice, play and learn the lessons that will help them on and off the court.

Basketball training is a great way for kids of all ages and abilities to learn the value of consistency, preparation, effort, selflessness and passion. The challenge is finding enough hoops for every aspiring athlete–and that’s where 360 Hoops swoops in to help. Visit to learn more about this innovative tool.