NFHS AD National Convention


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Athletic Directors and school administrators from all over the US were excited to see our product at the NFHS AD National Convention.

One of our biggest attractions, other than our awesome 360 Hoop, was our Oculus Virtual Reality (VR) headsets.

These headsets gave athletic directors and other attendees the ability to see a short 3-minute video of game play filmed with players and coaches at Lake Mary Preparatory School from an aerial 360 degree perspective. Watching them spin around on our chair as they tried to follow the fast-paced movement of the ball caught the attention of many event attendees. But what was even better about it was that when they took off the VR headsets, they were amazed at our product and its ability to develop core skills for players and students to be successful on and off the basketball court.

To learn more about our 360 Hoops system or to more game play videos visit our website or contact us today!

Video of SHAPE America attendee experiencing the Oculus VR game play footage