Orlando Boom Plays 360 Hoops


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Could coaches soon replace the dreaded “suicides” with 360 Hoops gameplay?


360 Hoops has showcased to many different schools, teams, coaches, and players across the country. Last week, however, we had the opportunity to showcase our product to a semi-professional women’s basketball team in Orlando, FL. The Orlando Boom players didn’t know what to expect as they saw Coach Brey wheel the hoop out to the center of their court and press the button to raise it from 7’ to 10’.

These talented girls stepped in the 360 Hoops circle and showed us how useful our basketball hoop is to all levels of players. They quickly understood our game and began to display quick passing, strategic passing, and effective communication on the court. (See a video of the gameplay below)

“Seeing these girls play 360 Hoops proves the need for our hoop for training, developing, and engaging players of all ages and skill levels,” said Founder and Coach, Shane Brey. When Shane Brey came up with the idea for the 360 Hoop, heI was mainly focused developing young athletes and keeping kids engaged. However, we have quickly discovered how great of a tool this hoop can be for all levels of athletes. We have had every age, gender, and level of player play on our basket. We’ve even had soccer and football players play this game and we always get the same result…. “This game is a lot of fun and is an intense workout!”

Could coaches soon replace the dreaded “suicides” with 360 Hoops gameplay? Only time will tell!

For more information on our product, please contact us or visit our videos page to see other 360 Hoops videos!