4 Ways To Improve Your Youth Sports Program


2 minute read

Building a youth sports program isn’t easy. Kids are already less interested in athletics these days and many schools are finding themselves under resourced.

It’s an uphill battle. But it’s an important battle to fight. Sports play a vital role in helping kids develop both physically and psychologically and too many kids are dropping out too early in the process. You can do your part to change this.

Here are four ways that you can improve your youth sports program:

360 Hoops is a new basketball mechanism that can aid you in the training and development of your student-athletes. It does this while also working within whatever constraints your school is facing. Have space issues? With three goals and roughly the same footprint as a regular hoop, you can get more students on the court and practicing at one time. It’s also great for keeping students interested during physical education classes, as the 360 Hoops opens up the door to a number of interesting twists on common games and exercises.