Product Details

Portable Permanent
Estimated Shipping Weight 372lbs 295lbs
Base Materials Aluminum, Steel, UHMW Aluminum, Steel
Backboard Material Acrylic Acrylic, Aluminum
Pole Sizes 5 1/2″ Inner, 6″ Outer 5 1/2″
Rim Type Fixed Fixed Breakaway (Optional)
Rim Height 7′, 8′, 9′, 10′ 10′
Overall Height 9′-3/4″ (Lowered) 12′-3/4″ (Raised) 12′-3/4″
Backboard Size 48″ x 32″ 48″ x 32″
Padded Base Size 59″ Diameter x 14 1/4″ Height
Total Stored Size 59″ (D) x 9′-3/4″ (H)

Why 360 Hoops ?

360 Hoops is changing the shape of the game and has been said to be the most innovative addition to basketball in decades. Co-Founder Shane Brey originally designed our hoop to engage more kids in a smaller space. However, after showcasing our hoop in many states across the nation we have discovered it to have more applications. A 360 Hoop develops fundamental basketball skills while nurturing essential life skills like teamwork, communication, and friendly competition. Its versatile design gives your program the mobility to incorporate additional hoops into your existing facility or move our hoop to a space of your choosing. In addition, our unique gameplay allows players to score at any basket giving a better cardiovascular workout!

Shanes Inspiration

Founder, Coach Shane Brey, shares the amazing story behind 360 Hoops. Learn how the idea for the greatest addition to basketball in decades came to fruition and why athletes of all ages are excited about this game! Basketball is the only major sport that doesn’t provide its younger players with a scaled down version of […]

Weights Loop Video

360 Hoops’ unique design is continuing to excite players and coaches everywhere. Our hoop features removable pads for easy storage, replacement, or accessing all parts of the hoop.

Why Every Program Loves 360 Hoops!

Every athlete, regardless of skill level, now has an equal opportunity to participate both on the competitive level and during the drills training.  

Location Rotation Video

360 Hoops portable unit allows for you to easily move your hoop to almost any location.