HOAs & Resorts

360 Hoops’ innovative design has the ability to host over 30 people on a single 30’ circular court while offering a new and exciting game for your community to participate in. Keep scrolling to learn more about how 360 Hoops can positively impact your community or resort!

Transform Your Outdoor Space

360 Hoops offers an in-ground option that is perfect for your community playground or resort. Our outdoor option is designed with galvanized steel and aluminum so that it can hold up to whatever weather comes your way. Transform your outdoor space into an exciting new basketball court that is sure to have your whole community talking.

Engage your neighborhood.
Enhance your resort activities.
Partner with 360 Hoops!

Money-back guarantee

Life Time Limited Warranty


“You can play with your best friends from the neighborhood even if they aren’t great athletes.”

– Jedon

Engaging Your Community

A 360 Hoop can offer an infusion of excitement and fun for your HOA or Resort. More people can play in a smaller area, games are quicker, and anyone can play regardless of their talent level! What is even better is that you can utilize our hoop to host clinics, tournaments, or other activities within your HOA or Resort. If you are looking for a way to engage everyone in your community, 360 Hoops are perfect for you!

Fighting Childhood Obesity

If you’re a Gen X’er or older, you probably remember this scenario: You’d come home from school, change out of your school clothes into “play” clothes, grab a quick PB&J, and then your mom would tell you to go outside, and not to come back in until the streetlights came on. Sound familiar? Times have […]

Generating Revenue with 360 Hoops!

So, you have spent some time researching the benefits a 360 Hoop offers to your organization. The information you’ve gathered has shown how a 360 Hoop can help you better engage, nurture, and develop athletes of all ages. What you may not know, is that the addition of our hoop also offers an opportunity to […]

Shanes Inspiration

Founder, Coach Shane Brey, shares the amazing story behind 360 Hoops. Learn how the idea for the greatest addition to basketball in decades came to fruition and why athletes of all ages are excited about this game! Basketball is the only major sport that doesn’t provide its younger players with a scaled down version of […]

Jedons 360 Hoops Experience

“I think 360 Hoops can make people love basketball more because it makes it more fun for them.”

Location Rotation Video

360 Hoops portable unit allows for you to easily move your hoop to almost any location.