360 Hoops is changing the shape of physical education. Our innovative educational tool provides an inclusive environment for engaging more students, developing health and wellness, and nurturing character for student success. In addition, teachers have the ability to safely monitor and evaluate their entire class within a small 30’ circle. Scroll to learn how you can become part of the change!  


A 360 Hoop provides a fun and innovative way to engage young students in a small space. Read more


Our 360 Hoops Curriculum Framework give teachers a fun educational too to challenge and engage more than 35 students on a single hoop! Read more


360 Hoops provides an inclusive environment for students of all skill levels to get involved and be excited to attend their PE Classes. Read more


Combining 3 backboards has opened the door to a more effective training mechanism for coaches and teachers. With a 360 Hoop you are equipped to develop essential skills for athletes to be successful on and off the court.
  • Engagemen
  • Versatility
  • Athleticism
  • Basketball Fundamentals
  • Love for Health & Fitness
  • Communication
  • Teamwork

Shanes Inspiration

Founder, Coach Shane Brey, shares the amazing story behind 360 Hoops. Learn how the idea for the greatest addition to basketball in decades came to fruition and why athletes of all ages are excited about this game! Basketball is the only major sport that doesn’t provide its younger players with a scaled down version of […]

Weights Loop Video

360 Hoops’ unique design is continuing to excite players and coaches everywhere. Our hoop features removable pads for easy storage, replacement, or accessing all parts of the hoop.

Why Every Program Loves 360 Hoops!

Every athlete, regardless of skill level, now has an equal opportunity to participate both on the competitive level and during the drills training.  

Location Rotation Video

360 Hoops portable unit allows for you to easily move your hoop to almost any location.