Want To Get Your Students More Interested In Youth Sports? It’s Time To Try Something Different


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Youth sports can provide your students with a number of physical, social, and psychological benefits.

Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to get kids interested. Youth participation in team sports has been declining for some time now. Many have had bad experiences with traditional sports and assume that they just aren’t any good. There’s also the little issue of space. Sports — especially sports like basketball — require a large amount of space and only so many children can use a single hoop at one time.

This isn’t necessarily a problem with the children, it’s a failing on our part to provide them with more options. There are ways around this. You’ll just need to try something different. 360 hoops is a new way of engaging your students and developing your current athletes. Here’s what you need to know about it.

What Is 360 Hoops?

360 hoops is remarkably simple in its design. It’s 3 hoops and 3 backboards all attached to one pole. Instead of being played on a rectangular court it’s played in a circle. The familiar yet innovative design allows more students to get involved simultaneously and allows athletes of all skill levels to practice and play in the same area. It also handily deals with the issue of space.

Student-athletes love the faster pace. Students who are new to sports love trying something different and exciting. You can find a number of testimonials from students, coaches, and referees praising 360 hoops for bringing innovation into a somewhat stagnant landscape. Now that you know more about what it is, let’s talk about some of the specific advantages.

The Advantages Of 360 Hoops

Here are just a few of the advantages you get when using the 360 hoops system.

The height is adjustable – Height can be adjusted more than your traditional basketball hoop down to heights of 9, 8, or 7 feet. This makes it easy to include a diverse group of students of all ages and skill levels.

More hoops for more players – 3 hoops means more players practicing and having fun at once without requiring a huge gym and multiple basketball courts. 360 hoops can easily be added to your existing gym, tripling the number of hoops available while taking up very little space.

There’s more room for communication – One of the best aspects of youth sports is how it encourages teamwork and communication. 360 hoops has everyone playing in a much smaller, circular area making communication between teammates and with coaches much easier.

It encourages fundamentals – The design of 360 hoops helps promote some fundamental skills including cutting, dribbling, and rebounding in a fun way. Your kids may find that they enjoy basketball more than they thought they would after trying 360 hoops and the skills they’ve developed will transfer over to the real thing.

Using 360 Hoops

360 hoops isn’t a traditional basketball hoop, and you don’t always have to use it like one. There are a number of drills, games and workouts unique to the 360 hoops system. Whether you’re looking to sharpen the skills of your student-athletes or you simply need some fun new games that your students can play during gym, 360 has something to offer. For more information on implementing 360 hoops in your school, please contact us today.