Try 360 Hoops in your School at NO cost to you!


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Try one of our innovative hoops in your school for free!

Here at 360 Hoops, we’ve been blown away by the reaction to our 360 Hoops in schools. PE teachers, Coaches, Principals, Superintendents… whenever school staff has taken a look at our Hoop, magic happens!

They quickly identify the value that our Hoops bring into the PE Curriculum.

  1. Kids can all play at once in gym class, rather than standing around waiting for their turn.
  2. They are pulled into a game that is FUN, while at the same time, it gets them moving, gets their heart-rates up, and burns calories.
  3. It is all-inclusive– meaning, all skill levels can play this game.  There is a LOT of passing that happens on a circular 360 Hoops court, so even kids who can’t shoot well are still very involved in the game.
  4. Basketball coaches are able to use it as an elite training device for their teams… using it to take their basketball players skills to new heights.

Check out what teachers and coaches have said about it:

Because of the outpouring of interest from schools, we’ve recently implemented a new Placement Program.  We will bring you a 360 Hoop to use in your school for ONE FULL WEEK, at no cost to you.  We simply want to hear how your coaches, teachers and students react!  It’s just that simple!  We want to hear your feedback, and see how much you love 360 Hoops!

If you are interested in bringing a hoop to your private school, email: Melissa Jones, Private School Partnerships

If you are interested in bringing a hoop to your public school, email: Karim Kuperhause, Director, Public School Partnerships

We are looking forward to hearing from you, and to bringing the innovative 360 Hoops experience to you very soon!

In the meantime, check out ways to enhance your PE classes with our hoops!