360 Hoops Territory Wars Tournament


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Does your Competitive Fitness gym have what it takes to compete and win?


Have your fitness club represented in 360 Competition 1 at the Sanford Seminole Town Center Mall on Feb 29th, 2020. In addition to prizes top team’s punch a ticket to the regional 360 Competition in Key Biscayne Florida this summer taking place on a boat with 18 360 Hoops Courts on it’s deck and shuttle service via a fleet of Miami Thriller Cigarette boats from Baside next to American Airlines Arena in Miami. Watch the 1 min video below

The competitive fitness arena is filled with athletes that are training to take their bodies to new heights. In doing so, they often challenge themselves with new sports and training programs that think outside the box and offer a new way to train. But do extreme athletes have what it takes to step up to the 360 Hoops courts and defend the very gyms they train in?

Test the limits of your endurance and stamina and push your cardio like you have never pushed it before. Three back-to-back basketball hoops provide a 360-degree basketball experience in a nonstop game of movement, teamwork, strength, and competition, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. With 3 open baskets at all times it is challenging to defend and there are shot attempts every 5 to 6 seconds. Do you have the creativity to produce the type of trick shots you will see in 360 Hoops?

360 Hoops Territory Wars! This event will play host to local competitive fitness gyms each with 3 teams competing against one another for a chance to be crowned the first ever King of the Court! The team who wins will have their name engraved on a very special Territory Wars trophy and get to take it back to their home gym along with bragging rights. At least until the next event…

If you think your competitive fitness center has the stamina, athleticism, and competitive nature to enter into this event, click here to contact us.  First Prize is is $1500, second prize is $500, third prize is $250.

Does your gym have what it takes to play 360 Hoops, or are you going to stay home?  Please click here to register your gym.

Join us February 29, 2020 for an event unlike anything you’ve ever experienced! For $360 per fitness club you can bring 2 teams that are 3 to 5 players so up to a total if 10 people can represent your club in pride working out to $36 per player. Double elimination 3 on 3 on 3 game you are guaranteed at least 2 match up’s and could be as many as 5 match ups. All teams must be co-ed. You can set up a tent to showcase your fitness club. Bring a ice bath tub! Plan a club WOD after and invite your club members as spectators. Bring chairs and a cooler. Footage from this event will be included in a nationally televised series about 360 Competition.

Does your gym have what it takes to play 360 Hoops, or are you going to stay home?