Teachers from SHAPE Florida love 360 Hoops!


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I think every program, every recreation center, every school in America should have one of these!

One of the most exciting things our 360 Hoops team has experienced is the feedback from students, teachers, and district leaders across North America. Upon seeing our product in action, every person has responded with overwhelmingly positive feedback about how our innovative educational tool could be used at their school. It is one thing for us to promote the benefits of our innovative educational tool but it is entirely different when you see school personnel share how they see 360 Hoops being such a huge benefit to kids.

Here are a few testimonials from PE Teachers we were able to record after our live demo at SHAPE Florida.

Check out these amazing things teachers had to say:

  • “If you love basketball, this gives you a new and exciting way to play!
  • “Even little kids… this will boost their skills with passing, and eye-hand coordination…”
  • “It’s a great piece of equipment, I recommend it for everybody!”
  • “It’s a great teaching tool for all age groups, from kindergarten all the way to high school!”

    To learn more about how our innovative educational tool can benefit your PE program, please contact us or visit our schools page.

  • For tips on how to play 360 Hoops, click here!