PE Teachers get to play 360 Hoops at Shape America


2 minute read

SHAPE America works with physical education teachers and other education professionals across the nation. 360 Hoops was excited to participate in the Shape 2019 National Conference in Tampa, Florida.


We had a great time at the 2019 SHAPE America Convention in Tampa this year. PE Teachers from all over the world came to take professional development classes and learn about what new products are available to enhance their teaching. 360 Hoops, probably one of the largest displays in the vendor areas, seemed to catch the eye of hundreds of teachers. Intrigued by this innovative design, many came back on the last day of the event to participate in some fun activities on our 360 Hoop.

“It was exciting to see 20+ PE Teachers participating in drills and having fun on our 360 Hoop,” said Coach Brey, Coach and Founder at 360 Hoops. Event attendees began to line the presentation area to discover what all the commotion was about. Once we were able to run them through a few drills a lot of coaches were eager to experience the 360 Hoops gameplay they heard so much about. Coach Brey then sectioned off 6 teams of 3 players and ran our unique 3v3 King of the Court, score on any basket, format with a new team transitioning in on every basket scored. “We originally designed this game so that you could have 3 teams of 3 transitioning in and out of the court on a bucket. With so many people there ready to play our game, we decided to try more teams and it ran flawlessly,” Brey said. Brey added, “to see that many people competing, having fun, and sweating really shows the opportunities 360 Hoops offers to schools all over the world.” You can see a little bit of the gameplay from this event by watching the video below.

360 Hoops has been said to be the most innovative addition to the sport of basketball in decades and I think events like the SHAPE America Convention is showing everyone why. Teachers attending this event and seeing our 360 Hoop in live action have discovered it’s many benefits like: teaching fundamentals, passing, defensive awareness, teamwork, communication, cutting, screening, driving, moving without the ball, and more. But most importantly, teachers saw how much fun this was and how it nurtures every student to get involved during class.

We want to give a big “thank you” to all the teachers that came out and experienced our 360 Hoop first hand. If you were not able to see this hoop live, or just have some questions about 360 Hoops please contact us or visit our website.