SSC Students vs. Sherriffs Tournament to Incorporate 360 Hoops!


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“The speed of the game is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.” – Geoff Nelson

360 Hoops continues to amaze school programs all across the country. On March 14th, Seminole State College will be hosting a Students versus Sheriffs basketball tournament utilizing our innovative 360 Hoops!

This annual event features teams of students playing against the Seminole County Sherriffs’ Department for a chance to earn a year of bragging rights. In years past, this tournament has been run in a traditional 5v5 format but after seeing the fast-paced, competitive, and fun 3v3v3 game our 360 Hoops offer, the college will be incorporating our hoops into their tournament. Watch the video below to see some of the exciting action from our visit to SSC last week as well as some comments from the Coordinator of Intramural & Recreational Sports, Geoff Nelson.

“The speed of the game is like nothing you’ve ever seen before,” Nelson comments. He added, “it also spoke to me as a way for us to get more teams through a tournament faster.” 360 Hoops offers a way for organizations to host a 27 team, double-elimination tournament in under 3.5 hours!

Like Geoff, we are extremely excited to be a part of this Students vs. Sherrifs tournament on March 14th. This tournament will be hosted at the Sanford/Lake Mary Campus Student Center. For more information, you can contact Geoffrey Nelson at or Nicholas Bullocks at,

See you on the courts!