What Teachers say about Adding 360 Hoops to their Curriculums


< 1 minute read

360 Hoops showed up for the Pinellas County teachers during February 2020 at their inservice day.

Teachers were able to play on our Hoops… and had nothing but great things to say about adding 360 Hoops to their PE curriculums.

  • “This game is awesome, guys.”
  • “You’re going to get a FULL workout.”
  • “It’ll be really popular with our kids because they’re really into competition.”
  • “More opportunity for competition, better opportunity to learn about spacing on the court.”
  • “It’s a very very valuable piece to have!”

    We hear so many amazing things from teachers wherever we take our hoops. It’s always great to hear them again, though. We never get enough of a good thing!

    Thanks for having us, Pinellas County!