4 Ways To Improve Your Youth Sports Program

Building a youth sports program isn’t easy. Kids are already less interested in athletics these days and many schools are finding themselves under resourced. It’s an uphill battle. But it’s an important battle to fight. Sports play a vital role in helping kids develop both physically and psychologically and too many kids are dropping out […]

Benefits College Coaches Can See From 360 Hoops

360 Hoops recently attended the NABC Final Four Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

4 Tips For Getting Students More Interested In Athletics

Developing your athletics program is no easy feat. A big part of the challenge is spotting and encouraging the students who would make good additions to your team.Easier said than done in an age where it’s becoming harder and harder to get students engaged in physical activity.

Want To Get Your Students More Interested In Youth Sports? It’s Time To Try Something Different

Youth sports can provide your students with a number of physical, social, and psychological benefits.

Shanes Inspiration

Founder, Coach Shane Brey, shares the amazing story behind 360 Hoops. Learn how the idea for the greatest addition to basketball in decades came to fruition and why athletes of all ages are excited about this game! Basketball is the only major sport that doesn’t provide its younger players with a scaled down version of […]

360 Hoops Offensive Advantages

360 Hoops offers an innovative way to develop offensive basketball skills. After witnessing the fast-paced and continuous movement around three hoops by all players on the court, one can immediately recognize how much 360Hoops helps develop important basketball fundamentals such as cutting, screening, spacing, moving without the ball, quick reactions, passing, driving, layups, and overall […]

Development Advantages of 360 Hoops vs the Traditional Basketball Game

Many people will soon learn the developmental advantages 360 Hoops has vs the traditional game of basketball. 360 Hoops is 3 on 3 basketball game played with 3 baskets inside a 30foot radius circle.

The 360 Hoops Training Circuits

The 360 Hoops Circuit is a basketball fundamentals and skills program designed by 360 Hoops Inventor & Coach Shane Brey as a way to utilize the features of a 360Hoops to maximize the development of players whether they are in elementary, middle or high school.

Sharks and Minnows Game

  This is a great game for ages 7-10. The game starts with 12 Players (Minnows ) outside the circle dribbling around with a ball and 3 Players ( Sharks ) inside the circle dribbling around. When the whistle is blown each player outside the circle must drive to the basket pole and not be […]