Teaching Fundamentals

The new age of basketball has taken a toll on coaches around the country.

Limited Space

Schools all across the country are lacking budgets for athletic and expanding PE programs. Many programs are seeking to use facility space, and some with little to none, struggle to effectively schedule and engage every student in PE class and athletic practices. How can a PE teacher or coach be expected to engage, develop, and […]

Large Classes

Large classes often provide a less than ideal environment for PE programs. Teachers have trouble engaging all students resulting in less physical activity and more opportunity for goofing off. 360 Hoops offers many different classroom opportunities to keep your students engaged and within a framework you can easily manage. 3 Hoops Our innovative basketball hoop […]

Dreading PE Class

We have found that though Physical Education is a required part of every student’s education, some students dread going to PE class. Based on statistical data and feedback from students, this fear is rooted in the fact that not every student excels at athletics. It is hard for a student to have fun if they […]

The Benefits Of Physical Education In School

A school is a place of learning, yes, but as instructors we all too often we forget that there’s more to life than English, Math, and Science. Learning how to run a mile, kick a soccer ball, or dribble can be just as valuable. It’s not necessarily about the end result — whether you become […]

Character Development

Teaching is more than just “book smarts.” Developing a well-rounded student is the most important task for parents and teachers alike. Schools implementing programs that build character alongside academic knowledge have seen students achieve great things in their lives after leaving your campus. Building Essential Life Skills Nurturing the growth of a student’s character is […]

Fire vs. Police Tournament

360 Hoops is partnering with local first responders to engage young athletes in their communities and raise money for the Boys & Girls Club and other charitable causes. It’s no secret that organizations such as the Boys & Girls Club have a mission to nurture local youth towards becoming productive, caring and responsible citizens. What […]

Youth Sports: What’s It Really All About?

Youth sports play an important role in your school’s curriculum. Unfortunately, what this role really is is often forgotten.

5 Reasons Why Physical Education Should Be An Important Part Of Your Curriculum

Physical education gets a bad rap sometimes. It’s not seen as a “real” subject like English or Math.