It Takes a Village (Fire vs. Police)


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Being a positive influence on kids is a team effort!

Here at 360 Hoops, we know that basketball can be a positive, life-changing sport.  It give players a chance to channel energy into a game that takes them outside of their daily worries, and to build strength, wellness and skill at the same time.  It’s a win-win-win situation!

Knowing that, we teamed up with the Boys and Girls Club and Firefighters and Police from Longwood, Florida to host a game for local kids.  As these kids were playing, they were able to interact with their local law enforcement and fire forces (all heroes), able to play a game with them while they were all working together.  It was heart-warming to see, and we plan to continue this practice in as many areas as we can.

It takes a village to raise kids. That’s something that’s been said for hundreds of years, and we believe it’s true.  We should all do our part- we never know when something we do can change someone else’s life!

If you are interested in an event like this in your area, please contact us today.  We love to give back to communities.