Fundraising Tournament


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Raising money is often one of the hardest things for an organization to do. It can often take a lot of planning and months of campaigning, often generating less than ideal results. However, what if we told you that you could raise $10,000 in under 6 hours?!

With a 360 Hoops tournament you can do just that and we are partnering with organizations interested in purchasing our 360 Hoop(s) to help provide a way to not only purchase our product but to provide and ongoing fundraising initiative for them. With a $2,500 deposit and a commitment to purchase one or more of our 360 Hoop systems, we will help you host your first ever 360 Hoop Tournament.

Tournament Details

Our tournament play consists of 3 v 3 v 3 gameplay. Two 3-person teams will compete against each other until a point is made and then another team will transition into the game on defense. Games are typically played with a 15 minute time limit and are extremely fast paced. Whichever team has the highest points accumulated after 15 minutes will win and move on to another game within the “winners bracket.” All teams participating in the tournament will be given the opportunity to play in at least 2-3 games.

By utilizing three 360 Hoops, you can now host a full 100+ team tournament in under 6 hours with everyone getting the opportunity to play in multiple games. At $100+ dollars per team, you will raise over $10,000 for your organization.

What 360 Hoops Provides

We are dedicated to providing you with everything you need to host a successful tournament. We will create branded flyers and promotional materials that you can send out to your community, provide an easy-to-use sign up dashboard for your teams to sign up and pay online, and give you a marketing calendar to insure you can reach your goal amount of teams.

To learn more about how you can raise the funds you need to purchase a 360 Hoop for your organization, through a tournament, please contact us today!