Morgans 360 Hoops Experience

“I would definitely recommend it to other people because it is just so much fun!”

Jeremy Corkran Interview

Jeremy Corkran is our 360 Hoops engineer and has taken Coach Brey’s design and brought it to life. He shares with us the reason behind the engineering of our product and different elements of our 360 Hoops product.

Josiahs 360 Hoops Experience

“This is helping me develop as a player because you can make better passes and the defense is harder.”

Jedons 360 Hoops Experience

“I think 360 Hoops can make people love basketball more because it makes it more fun for them.”

Darryl Gill

“One thing I like about it is that everyone can get involved no matter their skill level. So you don’t have to be a great athlete to have a vital role in this game. The level of competition, strategy and coaching… I can just see it taking off.”

Coach Calebs 360 Hoops Experience

“It’s an adrenaline rush and once you start playing, you won’t want to stop!”

Grahams 360 Hoops Experience

“It’s more fun than traditional basketball.”

Alianas 360 Hoop Experience

“I would describe it as fun, interactive, and kind of like an upgrade to traditional basketball. It can be played by all ages so I highly recommend it.”