With 360 Hoops the Hype Is Real

It can be hard to find something that both students and teachers find worthwhile. With 360 Hoops you get a fun and inviting activity to keep kids motivated and moving, and an incredible resource for educators looking to teach children awareness and teamwork.

Enthusiasts for life with 360 Hoops

360 Hoops is a perfect tool for PE teachers. 360 Hoops is a fun way to teach kids to share. And by keeping more kids active at once, 360 Hoops makes players lifelong enthusiasts from a young age.

CEO, Philanthropist Mike Panaggio on 360 Hoops

"At DME, we test a lot of products. Bring it on. Its a whole new sport. you don't have to be Lebron James to play. you don't have to be 6'8". you have to learn how to pass and handle the ball, and really just enjoy yourself. getting a ton of exercise. a lot of [...]

Teaching strong defense with 360 Hoops

With 3 hoops you can score on, 360 Hoops forces players to develop strong defense through quick thinking and teamwork.

Coach Mike Brey, head coach at the University of Notre Dame, with the most win’s in Notre Dame history on 360 Hoops.

Coach Mike Brey, the head coach at the University of Notre Dame holds a 383–190 record, with the most win's in Notre Dame history. He thinks 360 Hoops allows a new level of creativity with shooting drills, and forcing mid-range shots instead of an all-or-nothing style of gameplay. "you could get really creative with shooting [...]

360 Hoops: More Energy, More Fun

With 360 Hoops there's more of everything. More running, more passing, more variation, more teamwork. Is 360 Hoops a more effective practice, or a more fun way to play basketball?

360 Hoops: Kid tested, Teacher approved

Kids just love 360 Hoops because they get to play more.

360 Hoops: A new dynamic for Rec Centers

The speed 360 Hoops is like nothing you've ever seen before. 360 Hoops changes the dynamic of the game, putting different positions against each other in ways never seen before. 360 Hoops doesn't just give you 3 extra hoops on the court for practice. 360 Hoops gives you new creative opportunities for many different style [...]

360 Hoops: A recipe for success, Invaluable Resource, and Fast Paced FUN

360 Hoops is extremely popular with competitive players. This game forces players to develop spacial awareness while providing more opportunities for success. Overcrowding is a thing of the past. With 360 Hoops, you get more players involved at the same time. And with so many competitive, skill-building variations on game types, 360 Hoops is an [...]