Orlando Boom Plays 360 Hoops

Could coaches soon replace the dreaded “suicides” with 360 Hoops gameplay?  

Team Shootout Drill

You can do this drill with as little as 2 players at a basket or more than 10 players per basket.

4 Man Touch Defensive Drill

This drill is designed for players to escalate their defensive help and recovery to the next level.

30 Person Dribble Reaction Drill

This drill is designed for coaches and teachers with a need to get more students or student-athletes involved. It is a fun way of teaching dribbling with both hands, shooting, and reaction time.

Layups Drill

This is a great drill for students or athletes of all ages to warm up. Since you now have 3 baskets in a smaller space, you can engage more players than ever before! Stretch those legs and start of practice or PE class with this fun drill!

Pass Ball Screen Drill

Want to practice breaking down a man-to-man offense? This drill will hone your player’s skills for passing, screening, moving without the ball, and scoring.