SSC Students vs. Sherriffs Tournament to Incorporate 360 Hoops!

“The speed of the game is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.” – Geoff Nelson  

360 Hoops Territory Wars Tournament

Does your Competitive Fitness gym have what it takes to compete and win?  

How To Play 360 Hoops

The best part of it all is that these athletes are having fun!  

4 Ways 360 Hoops Can Enhance Your PE Classroom

Superintendats, Principals, and PE Teachers all over North America are loving how 360 Hoops provides solutions for their biggest challenges!  

SHAPE Florida 2019

SHAPE Florida works with physical education teachers and other education professionals across the state. 360 Hoops is excited to participate in the Shape Florida 2019 Conference in Orlando, Florida.  

3v3 King of the Court Gameplay

The best part of it all is that these athletes are having fun!  

Orlando Boom Plays 360 Hoops

Could coaches soon replace the dreaded “suicides” with 360 Hoops gameplay?  

360 Hoops Partners With Orlando Boom

Established in November of 2018, the Orlando Boom is a women’s semi-professional basketball team located in Orlando, FL associated with the Women’s Basketball Development Association. The Orlando Miracle was the last women’s professional basketball team in Orlando and it has been almost 20 years since they relocated to Connecticut. The WBDA has over 42 teams […]

360 Hoops Showcase at UCF Spring Football Game

360 Hoops was excited to participate in UCF’s 2019 annual spring football game and UCF’s Fan Fest Event at Spectrum Stadium in Orlando, Florida.