Benefits College Coaches Can See From 360 Hoops


2 minute read

360 Hoops recently attended the NABC Final Four Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

College coaches from all over the country attended this convention to see what new products are available to help differential their basketball program from other schools. We definitely turned a lot of attention there as we were the only product of our kind. Here are 3 ways we have found 360 Hoops can benefit a collegiate level program:

1) Conditioning

Traditional conditioning methods such as suicides, full court game play, sprints, and distance runs are just a few of the ways collegiate programs are helping strengthen their athletes’ cardiovascular system. However, often times these are the most dreaded conditioning methods athletes experience. Our 3v3 “King of the Hill” game play boasts an intense cardiovascular workout. Players are forced to constantly move on offense and defense that has shown to give a great cardio workout and build fast twitch muscle fibers.

2) Emphasizing Vital Skills

Imagine you had a team that was able to step on the court and move the ball effectively, communicate well, defend at all times, and score as a team? This is every coaches dream and what most work tirelessly to develop. It’s no secret that the age old quotes of “defense wins games” and “break down the defense with passing” are essential to winning games. 360 Hoops offers a style of basketball that forces athletes to do all of these things without even thinking about it. Our 30′ diameter circle and the ability to score on any hoop makes the defense work harder, players move the ball quicker, and communicate at all times. The best part about all of this is, they have fun too!

3) Camps

Many collegiate programs around the nation offer camps over summer in order to raise funds for their program and promote their program to the young athletes in their community. However, many of these programs often find that many of their young athletes have too much “free time” on their hands. 360 Hoops unique design allows programs to instantly add more baskets to their facility while also engaging more kids in a smaller space. Some of our drills even allow you to run games, drills, and activities involving 30 or more kids!